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  • ねこ (neko)

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Noun - Cat Edit

  1. A carnivorous mammal of the family felidae usually kept as a house pet.
    • 彼女は猫を飼いたがっていた。[1]
    • She wants to keep a cat.
  2. A human cat hybrid that likes to finish sentences with nya~ (=^ ౪ ^=). The hybridization is usually a female human with cat ears and a cat tail.

Related words Edit

黒猫 (くろねこ) Edit

Black cat.

キャット Edit

It's literally "cat" in English.

飼い猫 (かいねこ) Edit

Pet cat.

子猫 (こねこ) Edit


猫舌 (ねこじた) Edit

Literally "cat tongue", designates people who can't eat very hot foods.

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